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Proudly serving New York’s Monroe County since 1953

We provide technical assistance to landowners looking to enhance the economic and environmental services of their property. Click below to learn more about the kind of help we can give you.

We work to protect water quality – from the smallest streams to the Great Lakes

We strive to educate everyone on what they can do to protect our natural resources for the future

Recent Projects

Local Streambank Stabilization Projects

Two streambank stabilization and riparian projects were completed in the fall of 2023. A 300 ft section of streambank along Oatka Creek was protected, while over 1700 ft of streambank along Black Creek was protected. This prevents further erosion and stabilizes the bank. 

Spotted Lanternfly Monitoring

We partnered with SUNY Brockport to install and monitor 15 spotted lanternfly circle traps around eight Monroe County parks throughout the summer and fall. No SLF were found in 2022 or 2023!                      

Urban Agriculture

We partnered with Cornell Cooperative Extension to provide funding and assist with the creation or expansion of community gardens within the City of Rochester. This project involved the installation of 14 raised beds across three community garden groups resulting in over 800 lbs of produce harvested!

 Agricultural Programs

In 2022, three different projects were implemented on three local farms: a 94×92 water and sediment control basin to trap sediments and reduce erosion and runoff, an irrigation pipe to combat increasing drought, and a 60 ft long access road/stream crossing to minimize the impacts of farm equipment on the local stream.                                                                                       

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