Conservation Field Days

We hosted our annual Conservation Field Days on Septempber 18-20, 2018. Visit here to learn more about our 2018 conservation field days and see photos from last years event.



The MCSWCD organizes the Monroe County Envirothon. This is an exciting program offered to high school students nationwide. Students from area schools team up each May to compete in five environmental topics. The winning team is given the county title and proceeds to the state level. Larry the H2O Hero The state winner moves to the national competition. The MCSWCD would like to thank all who helped to make the annual competition a grand success!
Visit the Envirothon page of our website or contact our office at (585)753-7380 for further details about participating in next year's event.


H2O Hero Campaign

The Water Education Collaborative (WEC) is a coalition of organizations that work together to increase water quality education in the community. The purpose of the Collaborative is to inspire people to help protect and improve water quality in the streams and other water bodies of the Genesee Region watershed, and ultimately our greatest natural resource: Lake Ontario. A primary focus of the WEC’s message is to keep household pollutants out of these storm drains. The H2O Hero is designed to raise awareness and educate our community on how our everyday activities impact our water quality, since more than 80% of water pollution problems stem from residential areas, not industrial areas. Knowledge is power, and every H2O hero gets his or her superpowers by knowing everything possible about our waterways and how to keep them clean. To obtain more information on this topic and the H2O Hero’s efforts visit and be an H2O Hero!

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