Agricultural Projects

Farm Riparian Buffer System

A riparian herbaceous buffer area was installed between the farmstead and Oatka Creek. This buffer gives the stream added protection from livestock heavy use area runoff. The buffer is in a low spot below the farm that channels livestock heavy use area runoff during rain events. Livestock have been excluded from the buffer area and the vegetation will be maintained annually by the farmer. This buffer, in combination with the proposed roofed livestock heavy use area serves to remove 1.9 acres of heavy use area from a critical area in the Oatka Creek Floodplain.








Waste Storage and Transfer System & Livestock Heavy Use Area Runoff Management System

MCSWCD assisted a local dairy farm through funding from the NYS Agricultural Non-Point Source Pollution Abatement and Control grant program to reduce nutrient runoff within the Oatka Creek watershed. A 26,220 square foot manure storage was installed at the farmstead that will allow the farm more flexibility with manure spreading to meet their crop needs and spread during more favorable weather conditions. Additionally, the storage will eliminate the need for the farm to spread during the winter, therefore greatly reducing the potential of nutrient runoff. A second conservation practice, a 10,000 square foot Livestock Heavy Use Management Area, was installed at the farmstead to contain manure from the barnyard while loading the manure spreader.  

Before-Push-off Ramp:

After-Push –off Ramp and Barnyard runoff system:

Before-Manure Storage:

After-Manure Storage:

Riparian Buffer System

A riparian buffer is a vegetated strip between land and a river or stream. It shades the stream and protects the streambank from soil erosion while reducing the impact of land use in the surrounding areas. In 2016, through funding from the NYS Agricultural Non-Point Source Pollution Abatement and Control grant program, the District assisted a farm on Oatka Creek with implementing a herbaceous riparian buffer. The buffer is approximately 2.8 acres and consists of an alfalfa/grass mixture. It will save approximately 10 tons of soil from washing into Oatka Creek each year.



Water and Sediment Control Basin

The District worked with a farm in the Town of Honeoye Falls to implement a Water and Sediment Control Basin (WASCOB) with funding from the NYS Ecosystem Based Management program. This project was designed to mitigate gully erosion on the farm by controlling surface water runoff on cropland through storing water in a basin and slowly releasing it through an underground pipe system.



Access Control System

A beef farm in the Town of Rush was assisted by MCSWCD to limit the cow’s access to a tributary to Honeoye Creek. 2,100 feet of fencing was used in this project to keep the cows from entering the stream. Once access was limited by the exclusion fencing, a vegetative buffer was able to grow and stabilize the streambank and also act as a sediment trap for any soil that may migrate from the pasture towards the stream. This project will help reduce approximately 8 tons of soil per year from making its way into the tributary and eventually into Honeoye Creek.



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