Agricultural Assistance

Cover Crops

     Cover crops are a useful biological tool used to maintain and preserve soil health. Cover crops prevent soil erosion, suppress weeds, protect soil from stormwater runoff, fix nitrogen, reduce disease, and much more. Different cover crops address different soil health problems. For example, to protect soil from rain or runoff, an ideal cover crop would consist of large leaves to head off rain and strong roots to gather surface soil.

     It is estimated that on average, the seeded cover crops were able to reduce soil erosion by approximately 2 tons/acre/year across these variable fields and crop rotations.

Soil Sampling

     From beginner gardeners to experienced farmers, knowing the composition of your soil will play a key part in maintaining soil health. We provide a soil sampling service to identify your soil composition.

     Pictured below: soil sampling box used to mail air dried composite soil to Argo-One. Visit here for more details on soil testing and pricing.

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Page last updated: February 5, 2020