Agricultural Environmental Management

    The District has recently completed an AEM Strategic Plan to guide our AEM program for 2015-2020. Click here to view the Strategic Plan.

What is AEM?

    AEM is a voluntary, incentive-based program that helps farmers make commonsense, cost-effective and science-based decisions to help meet business objectives while protecting and conserving the State's natural resources. Farmers work with local AEM resources professionals to develop comprehensive farm plans using a tiered process.
     AEM uses a five-tier voluntary approach to:
(1)  keep track of current activities and potential environmental concerns
(2) assess existing stewardship and environmental concerns
(3) develop farm-specific conservation plans
(4) implement the best management practices identified in the plan
(5) update plans and conservation practices over time.

     Monroe County Soil & Water Conservation District is a technical service provider assisting farms and producers in environmental sustainability. All farm appointments are free of charge and information is kept confidential.

Click here for more information.

AEM Benefits Farmers & the Environment:
      ♦Document your environmental stewardship
      ♦Improve water quality in Monroe County
      ♦Manage manure and fertilizer nutrients
      ♦Manage barnyard run-off and process wastewater
      ♦Conserve soil
      ♦Improve neighbor and community relations
      ♦Comply with environmental regulations
      ♦Promote the economic and environmental benefits of farmland to the community
      ♦Meet permit requirements for Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations (CAFOs)
      ♦Gain access to grant money to improve farming operations through the implementation
        of best management practices (BMPs)


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Page last updated: February 5, 2020