2017 Conservation Tree & Shrub Program!

The goal of this program is to provide seedlings for homeowners to establish windbreaks, reforest land, prevent soil erosion, and create suitable wildlife habitats. Trees and shrubs can also add value to your home while improving the environmental health of your property.

The Monroe County Soil and Water Conservation District's Conservation Tree and Shrub Program program takes place in the spring every year. We will be having another Conservation Tree and Shrub sale next year during the spring. Please view our 2017 Catalog for information about the plants and enhancement items were offered last spring.

If you would like to be added to our Tree and Shrub mailing list, please send us an email here. Provide your name (first and last), mailing address, and email address.

Multi-Pack 2017 Fact Sheets

Edible Fruit Shrub Pack

Fern Plant Pack

Native Flowering Tree & Shrub Pack

Hosta Plant Pack

Click here for planting tips and recommendations.

Looking to start composting?

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Page last updated: October 16, 2017